Co-op Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Ceres Organics Co-op customer. We value your business and support however we ask that each Co-op adhere to some terms and conditions to enable us to keep offering this service.

We ask that all Co-ops please observe the following guidelines for purchasing:

Co-op terms and conditions

  • All our customer orders must be placed online using our online customer portal (
  • Each co-op must order a minimum of $500.00 per order not including freight and GST
  • All orders require pre-payment in full. Online payment options include credit card and online banking.
  • Please allow two working days for your order to be processed
  • For certain freight and courier destinations, there may-be a cut off time for orders
  • Additional freight surcharges may be charged if the delivery address is considered rural
  • Products must be purchased in their outer quantities (full boxes)
  • We have a policy of one delivery address per account.
  • Delivery address changes must be communicated in writing. Please allow 2 working days for delivery addresses to be updated. Please confirm delivery addresses changes prior to submitting your order.
  • For all our customers there is a fee of $75+gst, if orders have been placed and are subsequently changed, cancelled or not picked up within 14 days

Restrictions on how you can promote your co-op in relation to Ceres Organics

The following code of conduct is necessary to protect our brand, intellectual property and commercially sensitive trade information such as pricing.

  • Co-op’s must not advertise or quote prices to the public.
  • Co-op must not promote themselves as a “Ceres Organics” Co-op. (Please do not use the name or logo Ceres or Ceres Organics in your Co-op name. Ceres & Ceres Organics name and logos are trade marked)
  • Your Co-op may advertise or promote outside of your private Co-op group on the understanding the above two conditions are met (purchase pricing and Ceres Organics name)
  • Co-op’s must not solicit customers from other retailers and stockists of Ceres Organics distributed products.

Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. Should you or your Co-op not adhere to this agreement, we may choose to close your account.

Thanks again for your support and choosing Ceres Organics